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Global burden of bacterial antimicrobial resistance in 2019: a systematic analysis

Bacterial antimicrobial resistance (AMR)—which occurs when changes in bacteria cause the drugs used to treat infections to become less effective—has emerged as one of the leading public health threats of the 21st century. The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, commissioned by the UK Government, argued that AMR could kill 10 million people per year by 2050.

Natureza Patents New Antibiotics

Natureza® Develops a Transformative New Class of Antibiotics that Overcomes Bacterial Resistance. We have successfully shown these coated Fatty Acids work as effective antibiotics in in vitro and in vivo, with activity against some of the most drug resistant pathogens. Uniquely, bacteria exposed to them do not develop resistance.

Lack of new antibiotics threatens global efforts to contain drug-resistant infections.

Declining private investment and lack of innovation in the development of new antibiotics are undermining efforts to combat drug-resistant infections, says the World Health Organization (WHO). Two new reports reveal a weak pipeline for antibiotic agents. The 60 products in development (50 antibiotics and 10 biologics) bring little benefit over existing treatments and very few target the most critical resistant bacteria (Gram-negative bacteria).

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