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The Problem: No Hope of Investment Return on New Antibiotic Development

The Problem: No Hope of Investment Return on New Antibiotic Development

The future of modern medicine depends upon effective antibiotics. There is an urgent need for novel classes of antibiotics. Most species of bacteria have at least one antibiotic resistant gene, resulting in the bacteria being almost impossible to eradicate. Since 1968, the pipeline of production of new classes of antibiotic has dried up. This decrease reflects a developmental conundrum: increasingly high development costs and lead-times versus the shorter periods it is taking the bacteria to become resistant to the new drug. There is simply no time to recoup the huge development cost, much less provide a return on investment that would attract the needed investors.

The Solution: Natureza® Removes the Time Barrier to Investment Return by Developing a Transformative New Class of Antibiotics that Overcomes Bacterial Resistance

Natureza’s research offers a true paradigm shift, one that would remove the imbalance in development cost by eliminating the ability of bacteria to become resistant. With the promise of new drugs being able to be marketed for years providing not only the time to recover investment, but a profit as well, a new investment environment would emerge that would encourage the development of new, much needed antibiotics.

This work has been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal and is protected by at least one US patent as well as several patent applications.

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